Wedding details and flat lays! Some of us go all heart eyes over the details, and some of us cry inside. My goal is to get everyone into that first group of people. Bridal details are the keystones to the wedding day. Often times there are family heirlooms, hours of work, and special possessions included in the details. It's our job as the wedding photographer to bring their story to life. This is the first taste of the wedding day, your chance to warm up and get ready for the day. It's also an opportunity to get to know your couple even more. Do they have more stories they haven't shared with you? Do you stand on more common ground than you knew? The details are the answer. Not only are they pretty, but they lay the foundation for the story that your couple's wedding day tells.

The Styling Collective was built for photographers and stationers (really anyone who photographs flat lays!) at all parts of the journey. Those just starting out, who want to know #allthethings. Those who have been in the industry for 5 years and feel like their galleries are missing something. Those who are even 10+ years in and maybe want to know what the heck is up with these vow books! All levels of education are welcome, and all will leave feeling confident in styling those details. Each workshop includes education, styling practice stations, and styled shoots put together carefully for gorgeous portfolio work.

We also have poured months of work into an amazing resource for wedding day panic moments, or maybe you're not a photographer but still want to photograph these items beautifully and easily! I want to share the Styling Blueprint Cards!! These cards come in a few series: Vertical, Horizontal, Maker, and some future projects are already in the works! I could tell you so many things about them, but I'll just say that if you struggle with photographing flat lays or details at all, these are for you. We walk through creating shapes, and movement in photos. There is even a special Youtube Channel for our students! Have we peaked your interest yet?

detail + flat lay styling education

the education experience